Re: rudder

Posted by Paul on Apr 12, 2005

Moe, I have a CH18 with a rudder,I also have a SK 94 without one. As stated in the previous posts,the CH18 is a very large boat and is very hard to manouver when the wind is strong. Depending what sort of paddleing you do , ie - flat water or long ocean paddeling will determine if you need one . As I have a sail system and do mainly longer paddles in rough water ,I find the rudder a must. However I always retract it when I can to cut down on drag. Paddling the rudder and skegless SK94 sharpens my skills. If your contemplating a long trip ,think about a sail system. Once you try one you wont go back. I've added a link to my system,let me know if you need more information.

Cheers Paul Brisbane, Australia.

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