Re: rudder

Posted by terry on Apr 12, 2005


As LeeG just said, a rudder can easily be mounted later.

Do you need one? If you are a skilled paddler, no you don't need one. I have boats with and without rudders. In high winds, the rudder is very helpful and I really like to have it. In light winds, it's not necessary and I usually retract it.

A Chesapeake 18 is a large kayak and it presents a lot of surface area to the wind, so the rudder might be more useful on this larger kayak.

So try out your wonderful new boat on some windy days in the fjord, paddling into, away from and across the wind, and see if you can comfortably control the boat. If not, add the rudder.

And good luck paddling over there in beautiful Norway!


In Response to: rudder by Moe on Apr 12, 2005