Re: paint touch up

Posted by Karl on Apr 5, 2005

Yup, yup, that's exactly what I did too! I oversanded on the deck scarf and started to expose the glue. I was going to do some kind of artsy thing on the deck somewhere, that just decided where it was going to be.

Vic, take a deep breath and relax. My dad used to say that it wasn't a mistake if you learned something from it. I used birch veneer to create the pattern on the nose of my boat.

Did you say that you had already epoxied it? The veneer probably wouldn't be quite right for that. If you have an artistic bent, why not try freehanding some kind of design or character (think like a tattoo artist creating a newdesign over an old one as a cover up). Use colors that will work with the slightly amber caste of the varnish you put over it.

Another thought would be waterslide decal paper. I've used it in my inkjet to re-create decals for a vintage Peugeot PX-10 bicycle I restified a while back. Once applied, dried and coated with clear (or varnish) they last pretty well. I've never tried this on something likely to get as much water exposure as a kayak, but they seem to be holding out pretty well on the bicycle, and my daughter gives it a fair amount of abuse.

Bottom line: do something creative to cover a mistake and people will sit up and take notice. We promise, we'll never tell them why you did it. We'll just let you bask in the glory.

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