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Posted by mike noeske on Apr 6, 2005

Heres a link to what I have done so far, using Heavy Silky paper with the design airbrushed on with acrylic paint and then applied under the glass cloth layer. It is applied at the same time as the hull glass. Click on a picture and there are words to go along with the photo. I have also ran a peice thru my inkjet printer to make a hull id number and it worked fine, but wont swear to the printer on anything bigger than letters.

One warning with this, when you start sanding the epoxy, the outline of the paper will show up and you will think it is screwed up totally. But when you do the spit test (wipe it down with a damp rag) everything disappears again just like it was before you started sanding. No photos of that yet, but maybe soon.


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