Re: hatch vs drain hole

Posted by Howard on Mar 26, 2005

to lees point, when i have put a beckson hatch in the front bulkhead, it was typically only removed for my off season storage. i am rather lithe...and even is not particularly accessable.

i had started answering your question with blinders on...that you were committed to an enclosed (read bulkheaded) compartment. but elminating the bulkhead and using a float bag is a superclean approach if you are not going to put a hatch in.

reminds me a bit of design changes in Optimist dinghys...they eleminated the watertight compartments and just attach float bags to the hull. and the old ones, well, if you ever want to use one in a race or at a club, you got to stuff a float bag into the "water-tight" compartment and inflate it. they did this becuase it was a lot easier to tell is a float bag was doing its job then trying to trust a water-tight compartment.

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