Re: hatch vs drain hole

Posted by LeeG on Mar 27, 2005

check, if you've already gooped in the bulkhead then keep on trucking and make the flush hatches. I made a Ch16 with an aft bulkead/hatch and no front bulkhead/hatch. The reasons were the same as yours, I wanted a clear fore deck. It's really worth keeping an aft bulkhead/hatch because it's a lot easier to dump water out of the cockpit with it even though you'll get more water with no front bulkhead and float bags. If I added up the time inflating/deflating/inflating/deflating replacing the front float bag it's less than the time spent putting in the hatches. Float bags are a maintenance issue, you can't leave them in a wet kayak for a long time or water that is trapped between the float bag and the epoxied wood will eventually get steamed through the epoxy and into the Okoume causing black ick.

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