"Tabbing" on a CH-16

Posted by Matt Croce on Mar 13, 2005

Hi, I'm building my first wood kayak, a CH-16. Been reading a bunch of different books (New Kayak Shop, Kayaks you can build by Moores, the instruction manual). I want to remove the stiching wires before fiberglassing the hull; the "tabbing" method looks easiest, compared to taking a blowtorch or soldering iron to the wires and yanking them out of the fillets.

So, looking to all you experts, would you concur with that, or is heating the wires easier?

Also, for the CH-16, should I tab the inside, and then fillet over the tabs, or flip the boat over, and tab the seams from the outside? (I'm assuming inside, since that's where the fillets are going to be).

Oh, yeah, one last thing, I don't see anything in the directions about filling the seams from the outside of the hull, and there is just one very short paragraph that SORT OF mentions glassing the inside of the cockpit between the bulkheads; I'm not wrong in assuming that you should do both of those things, right? I'm hoping to bright finish the boat, if I don't make too many mistakes before it's done.

Thanks for the help.