Re: Fairing Boards

Posted by Howard on Mar 7, 2005

fairing boards are long...typically 24 to 30 inch by 4" "flexible" wood or plastic boards to which sandpaper is affixed to "fair" a hull...which means to give it a nice/uniform curve....and to remove relatively large (more than a couple inches) hollows or bumps in the curve of the hull.

these boards are typically used to make a perfect racing bottom for a sailboat or other high performance craft.

for most of the kayaks built on this website.... you can simply sand the the final epoxy layer with a 5 inch random orbital sander and you will get a fine finish. the typical sanding schedule would be 100/120, 150/180, 220 and then you are ready for paint or varnish.

you really do not typically need a fairing board....becuase...hopefully, if you built your boat right...the hull itself should be fair...and now you are just trying to get a smooth finish on the epoxy to make it ready for a final paint/varnish coat.

you know you have a smooth finish when you get the hull a uniform white...and there are no dimples or bumps left.

hope this helps


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