Re: Fairing Boards

Posted by Mac on Mar 7, 2005


A fairing board can be as short as say, 11" or as long as 36". I make a lot of 11" x 3" (which is a sheet of sandpaper cut into three). I use a Ross Glue stick to put paper on both sides. The used paper comes off easily. They also sell the drywall boards with the handle and wing-nut clamps at each end. I use those as well. Now, for longer fairing boards, go to the hardware store and buy some 80 grit sanding belts. Cut open and measure width and length and cut 1/4" ply to size. Again, glue stick will do it. I glue a couple of wooden blocks on the back side at 1/4 and 3/4 positions to have something to hang onto.

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