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Posted by Mark Camp on Feb 9, 2005

I agree with Kurt. On my boat, I didn't worry about the scarf joints at all, and to address the concerns of all those bleeding hearts out there, I have printed up a label for the transom that guessed it:

"No scarfs were starved in the making of this boat".

Now, truth is, scarfing IS about the first thing you do on your first boat, and I was actually PETRIFIED that I would do something wrong. So I took elaborate precautions to do everything perfectly.

As a result, the joints are somewhat misaligned, and I'm pretty sure they are glue-starved, too. Probably "imprinted" badly, too. (There is a kayak suspended on the wall right next to the Sharpie, so when she reached the developmental stage of imprinting, she probably looked up and decided she's the offspring of a kayak, and will have a severe lee helm and never learn to sail unless PBS decides to do a special on some tender-hearted biology grad student training her by pulling her behind a Lightening.) Fortunately, I have been building the Sharpie for so long and thus have read so many Maurerisms about relaxing, that I already knew I didn't care about glue-starvation months ago, long before CLC pointed out that, once she's glassed, you're golden, even if you forgot screwed up the layup. As long as you remembered Part B of the schmookydutz.

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