Don't Worry - Be Happy

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Feb 8, 2005

Man, you guys are drivin' up yer blood pressure over nuthin'... stop worrying yourselves to death over those scarf joints! Here's a confession from me to you:

I have yet to use epoxy to glue a panel scarf joint together. On my Mill Creek 13s I used Titebond II wood glue. On my Cormorants I used CA, or super glue.

The only scarf joint I ever had fail was a sheer clamp that was bonded with, ironically enough, a Cab-O-Sil thickened schmutz. Moral: always pre-soak with unthickened schmoo first.

If you have managed a really crummy scarf joint bond, it is practically guaranteed to fail at some time during the construction of the boat. Conversely, if the bond survives fiberglassing, it is practically guaranteed to last forever.

If a fully completed kayak ever flies apart on you while at sea, it is far more likely that God Himself has gotten involved, and is trying to tell you something.

Cheers, Kurt

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In Response to: Re: starved scarfs? by Gafrick on Feb 8, 2005