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Posted by Robert N Pruden on Feb 7, 2005

I use a Cannon Powershot AP75 with excellent results. It has 3X zoon and 10X digital capabilities with 3. something megapix's. Get something bigger, between 5-7 megs with at least 10x zoom and you will be happy for a long time. I also suppliment my digital camera with a Nikon SLR and a big ass 80-300mm zoom lens, total cost about $800. I get the best pictures with that camera. My next camera will be something like the Nikon SLR 'cept in digital format, tres $$$ but well worth it if you like photography. I love taking pix so for me it's worth the $$$ and after looking back on 22 years of married life, I'm glad I kept good cameras around the house. Now that I'm on a kayak I get even better images cuz the kayak takes me places most folks can't get to. Spend the $$$, you'll never regret it and if you have to have digital, really spend the $$$, you can't go wrong.

Robert N Pruden

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