Digital Camera Advice

Posted by terry on Feb 1, 2005

Okay, I know it's not directly related to kayaking, but I have a photography question. My wife and I have been debating for a year or so whether or not to buy a digital camera. So we looked and looked, and were set to buy a small one, like the Sony cybershot (5 or 7 megapixels, couldn't decide). Then I got to thinking about our photography record, which is minimal - probably due to the limitations of the small film camera we use with a small zoom lens. Then I got to thinking about a time in my life when I took a lot of photos - during a long bicycle tour in France. On that trip, I lugged an old Cannon AE-1 with a 10x telephoto. The big lens, while cumbersome, took wonderful photos. Then we started looking at the bigger digitals with the 10x or even 12x optical zooms. So, if you'll pardon the meandering lead up to my question: have any of you experience with these larger digital cameras? At $400 and up, we want to be sure it will work well and owner comments always seem to be the most insightful.

I've seen some great photos on this site, so I know there's some clever, experienced shooters out there.

thanks, in advance