Re: Digital Camera Advice

Posted by Gert Walter on Feb 3, 2005

Be aware (speaking from personnal experience), digital cameras hate water (as do video cameras and film cameras)! I dropped my brother's Canon into the drink and retrieved it, but it don't work. Interestingly, we got all the pictures off the memory card. If you are going to kayak and take a lot of pictures, a big camera is more cumbersome. A point and shoot is much easier, and pentax makes a 5 MP camera the size of a deck of cards and waterproof. The point and shoots really take good pictures these days, and a program like Adobe Photoshop 2 ($20-$40) can let you manipulate them like crazy. I think the most important this to decide is do you want a large SLR type of camera for vacations, or a point and shoot that can fit into your pocket and be readily accessible at any time. BTW I dove with someone who had an underwater digital camera, 3 MP and the pictures were absolutely amazing. Much better and more consistent than I ever got with my HEAVY underwater film camera set up. gwalter

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