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Posted by terry on Feb 4, 2005


I hear ya on the water-resistance/proofness. I trashed my trusty old Olympus stylus two summers back in a kayak spill. The old flip-in-shallow- water-exit routine. Doused the little camera just enough to short the battery. When I noticed the case was hot, I figured the thing was dead meat. Miss it, as it was lugged up some very high mountains and covered a heap of water and pretty trails.

'Course, the dear wife could have prevented the capsize, as it was a gradual loss of balance as the wet paddle slipped in my hands. Seems she was temporarily disabled, as in doubled up with laughter watching me flip in front of a beach full of less-than-admiring onlookers. Copious mortification.

Anyhow, this new camera is staying ashore, unless I spring for a waterproof housing. I plan on buying a really cheap 2 MP digital for the on-board shots.

I seem to be zeroing in on the Olympus C765 with the 10x zoom. Battery life may be an issue and it's a proprietary battery. And others have complained about the company's surly customer service, but I'd really like a big zoom, as I had one years ago on an SLR and loved it.

That Olympus Stylus 500 is nice also, in that it has a big, 2.5" LCD. Only a 3x zoom, so I'll have to see if it can take a telephoto.

So I have to continue to focus on this camera issue to see what develops. Don't want to make any snap decisions.

Anyhow, thanks again for the kind advice


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