Re: deck glass etc.

Posted by LeeG on Feb 1, 2005

I've peeled cured glass off with a plane but I don't think a sharp blade working through soft wood is the same as a glancing blow, have you had use damage that peeled the glass off? I have seen glass peel off sealed/sanded epoxy but the parameters aren't clear to me. When I glass over fully cured epoxy I'll use the ROS then finish with hand sanding with 80 grit in the direction of the grain to increase the grip. If you think about it a lot of strip kayaks are glassed over sealed wood. The latest s&g kayaks i'm making are all pre-sealed. The A.Hawk is primarily built up with pre-sealed and in some places pre-glassed panels. Rubstrips,,,it's funny, those brass strips are so effective and easy to install that I still try other things, go figure. The latest rubstrip is a "dynel" cord from JohnRSweet with a 1 1/2" kevlar tape pulled through the inside using a rope splicing fid. I sanded down a shelf/recess for the rub strip then the soaked cord is taped down over the glassed shelf. If it doesn't last longer than the shaped cabosil/wood flour application as instructed in the A. Hawk manual I'll try something even more involved.

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