Re: deck glass etc.

Posted by terry on Feb 1, 2005

Good for you Karl. I'm sure the family will love their new boats.

The reason I avoid all but minimal sanding of any panels prior to glassing is to give the epoxy/glass more grip. Glass can peel off the hull in large strips from low-angle impact or even working with cutting tools. I adhere to a theory that glassing unsanded or minimally sanded wood helps minimize this. I have not, however, ever worked up a bench experiment to test this theory.

Anyhow, good luck with the boats. We often kayak in Maine and Maritime Canada, and it's always time very well spent. Mount Dessert Is. is particularly good paddling (I love the Cranberry Islands, Somes Sound and Long Lake.

Speaking of Maine, you may want to consider installing brass rub strips on the keel at each end of the kayak. Very useful things in the sharp granite-filled waters of Maine. Light, tough, cheap and easy to install after painting/varnishing. I can e-mail you directions if you're interested.


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