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Posted by Paul on Jan 23, 2005

Brett, I think countersinking the footbrace screws would be bad on a couple of points. a. I doubt there would be enough strength left in the 4mm ply once you countersink. b. once you do that ,if you get an "ENDER" on a wave and all your weight is on the footbraces ,even if the screws dont rip right through the will at least crack the filler you've covered them with.

You can get footbrace mounting screws from CLC that get glassed on the inside.

I'd be inclined to glue the screws in position then lay a lenght of 3" tape over them .

Just cut the tape the lenght of the braces or slightly longer,cut small holes where the screw threads are located ,slip it over the threads while dry, and then wet it out.

Hope this helps

Cheers -Paul

In Response to: Re: finish by Brett on Jan 22, 2005