Re: beginner

Posted by terry on Jan 18, 2005

Well, Clayton, I'll give you fair warning that it will take 80-100 hours of work to complete your first kayak.

Is it really worth it? I don't think so:

not even after you first wire the long flat panels together and see them spring into a three dimensional, sleek and graceful hull;

Not even after your rapidly increasing woodworking skills give you a sense of accomplishment and excitement;

Not even after you begin the serious dreaming of all the beautiful and strange places your new creation will carry you;

Not even after the deck and cockpit go on and you sneak that first sit in the unpainted boat to see how it fits;

Not even after you get the first couple of coats of varnish on the deck and see it sparkle like a jewel in the sunlight;

Not even after you make a ton of new friends on this forum and in the greater kayak and boat-building world;

Not even after you experience the anticipation, then the joy of your first launch and paddle;

And certainly not even after countless friends and stangers express their admiration and marvel at the functional beauty you've created all by yourself.

No, Clayton, you may want to think hard about investing so many hours in buildling your own kayak. Wooden boatbuildling can be easily become not just a habit, but a passion. This first boat may not be the last one you'll build. Take it from me, who's built nine kayaks so far, and will probably build many more before I take my last paddle.


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