Re: beginner

Posted by Karl on Jan 18, 2005

I have to say, I agree with everything said so far.I hpe for your sake you have a like minded and/or forgiving wife, girlfriend, or partner. They could get jealous of your time. I'm only partway through my first boat, and can honestly say that there are times when I go into my basement, intent on picking doing somthing else, like grabbing a screwdriver to fix a hinge in the kitchen, and I can't help myself. I find myself stopping, looking at the boat, thinking about where I'm going to go on my first paddle, maybe grabbing a plane and touch up an edge, or stepping back looking at the curve from one end to the other, and daydreaming. If you've ever sought professional help for obsessive/compulsive disorders, this is not the project for you. Prescriptions will not take care of it. Like I said, I'm only partway through,and I'm already in the planning stages for my next one.

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