Re: MC 13 Lofting..&Epoxy

Posted by Steve Miller on Jan 18, 2005

Correct Gayle. I only heat my shop to about 55 degrees or so. 60 maybe. The System 3 fast hardner gave me decent work times. I somehow always feel in a rush with epoxy mixed even now on my 3rd boat (not a kayak) but got longer times than you are. I used the fast hardener since is was the lowest temp range stuff. I needed to put fillet mix on a pallet board to spread it out or it would cook off in the cup but straight epoxy for glassing etc once spread gave me way more working time. A fill coat might take overnight to be tack free for example. I used plastic roller pans to help the goo not cook off too fast.

I am using the Medium hardener now on this boat and find it takes a lot of the hurry uip away. I am pushing the temp range for it though. Sounds like it works like your normal Raka.

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