Re: MC 13 Lofting..&Epoxy

Posted by Gayle Rhodes on Jan 18, 2005

Steve, Dale - I, too, am finding differences between the patterns and offsets. Bottom panel aft tracing is short by 3/4", also bottom aft tracing is nearly 1/4" wider than bottom bow at scarf line. I'm checking tracings against offsets and adjusting, splitting the difference, etc. Tracings will make it easier to transfer pattern to the plywood, in restropect, may have been better off to go directly to the plywood.

Slightly off topic for Steve, re epoxy. I've been trying a couple of epoxy tests the last two nights. My garage workspace is 50-55F degrees (might go to 60 on a warmer day outside) and it is not practical to heat it more. The Raka resin with fast hardner (#610) seems to set up too fast....was hard in the cup in 30 minutes. And the normal (#350) was still tacky this morning (50 degrees). As I recall your workspace temps were similar and you used System 3 with fast hardner, correct? How much work time did that give you when glassing the hull, for example? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Gayle

In Response to: Re: MC 13 Lofting Questio by Steve Miller on Jan 17, 2005