Making a mold.. kinda

Posted by Aaron J. on Jan 17, 2005

Alright I got me some cheap 10" knobby wheels for like $6 each and I want to make a canoe cart but will probably make it somewhat modular so I can use the wheels for a beach cart as well.

Anyway what I was thinking is take some plastic or something and lay it down over my canoe bottom where the rear thwart is and then lay up a few layers of cheap S-glass over this so I can match the curves nicely. This will then hopefully come right off the plastic and can then be attached over the axel so the canoe can sit back down in it and will hold down with some webbing.

Anyway what I'm concerned about is the epoxy possibly eating through the plastic and bonding to my canoe hull. Can it do that? Will the normal plastic sheeting like what Lowes sell work as a protective layer?

It would be nice if it would later pull off of the ner fiber glass but that really won't matter too much.