Re: Oghh! What the? Aw,Ku

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jan 13, 2005


There can be no replacing Arky, but ya got me curious. T'hell with email, here's me addy:

Kurt Maurer 704 S Kansas Ave League City, Texas 77573

PS: I counter-invite you to Texas, where we do WARM water and a COLD Guiness-Extra-Stout. What a coincidence you should mention Guiness; I just happen to be having one even as we speak. First Guiness in I don't know how long, and it tastes just as splendid as ever!

PPS: I gots my Great Ack deck in the kitchen, molding flush hatch flanges, since it's a little chilly outside. Lows predicted in the upper 30's. BRRR!!!

In Response to: Oghh! What the? Aw,Kurt by Robert N Pruden on Jan 13, 2005