Oghh! What the? Aw,Kurt

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Jan 13, 2005

Does that mean you're gonna turn me down when I invite you up for my annual Febrary Polar Paddle Fest? I've decided that since I tipped into the river last February after a lazy seal launch, I'm gonna go paddling every February ever after and have a warm Guinness afterwards. I might even do up the fire pit and toast marshmallows.

Ya know, ever since Arky died I've often thought of shelling out to send you a new guard bird. The wife thinks I'm nuts but that's what I've been thinking. Why don't you email me your home address in case I decide to do it. I think you need a higher intelligence to look over your left toe and peck it from time to time to keep you grounded. Replace the (dot) with a . and you have my real email addy.

Robert N Pruden

In Response to: My answer to THAT by Kurt Maurer on Jan 13, 2005