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Posted by LeeG on Dec 23, 2004

Ken, after seeing a few kayaks built various ways it became obvious that the coaming stack in conjunction with the deck is already a solid structure. That the deck beam is left in after the deck is on is a clue that removing the deck beam after deck/coaming installation is more work than an indicator of structural necessity. If you start with the assumption the deck beam/bulkhead is a structural necessity then that 2" overhang is bothersome,,if the assumption that the deck beam/bulkhead is there for forming the deck with SOME structural relevance then there's room for cutting the deck beam down,,overhangs, etc. This would be a great opportunity for CLC to experiment with making removable deck beams especially for the models where some shin scraping clearance would be desirable,Northbay,LT series and long legged people. Check out the Arctic Hawk,,it's coaming stack is entirely stacks of 4mm ply with a glassed 4mm coaming, the deck is glassed. The deck forming pieces are REMOVED after the coaming is all cured up. There's no deck beam. I think the coaming stack on the Arctic Hawk is 3 layers of 4mm with a 4mm coaming and 4mm deck giving 20mm of wood. On the Chesapeakes it's 18mm of stack,4mm of deck and 6mm of coaming. That's a LOT of wood. I think folks tenderness about the aft deck needing support was from a time when there was nothing but 4mm unglassed okoume back there. So in the case of a canilevered coaming set 2"-3" forward of a "supporting bulkhead" I bet it's within the strenghth of the coaming/deck stack.

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