Arctic Hawk

Posted by LeeG on Dec 24, 2004

A.H. builders should chime in here,,I thought the underside of the A.H. deck has something like 4oz with the topside having multiple layers of 2oz blending forward from the coaming to one layer at the bulkhead,,it's interesting. Either way I don't think there's anything special under the AH deck. It would be worthwhile trying a couple variations and putting them through actual breaking tests. A temporary deck forming beam that's a piece of 3/8" (9mm) ply hot glued into position and maybe a temporary vertical post under it like the AH. uses during deck installation, saranwrap over that and the deck goes on. When the coaming stack is cured the temporary beam and vertical support are removed,,a heat gun might help. Maybe with/without underdeck 4oz glass. The other thought is putting one strip of 4mm ply on the temporary 9mm deck beam with hot glue then gluing that to the underside when the deck goes on. When the coaming stack is cured then it comes out and there's 32mm of wood making the deck arch between the coaming, deck, and 4mm strip which is 20mm MORE wood than the A.Hawk has. Can't imagine that the A.Hawks glassing schedule could approach the ridigity of 20mm more wood plies. I don't think anyones talked about A.Hawk decks folding at the coaming. Paneled decks like Pygmy have one extra piece of glass covered 4mm ply strip at the underside of the forward edge of the coaming. Shearwaters paneled deck doesn't have any extra wood except glass or tape. I could see this being worthwhile for limited shin clearance hulls like the Northbay or long legged folks in WR18/LTChesapeakes.

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