Re: Seat Placement

Posted by Mac on Dec 19, 2004


I may add a rudder as well if I can't figure this out. All the line guides etc. were pre-installed during the build. My problem is I paddle shallow water a great deal and I'm leery of hanging up in a stump etc. If I do retrofit, can I get hold of you for thoughts?

LeeG - I knew I could count on you as well. I have a 18'10" long, 23.5" beamed, hard chined Sea Lion by Folland. This kayak is low volumed and very sharp prowed and sterned. Front end similar to an AH. Front deck tortured, back almost flat.

I know you speak of water force as well as wind, and that hull shape and profile also factor in. As my cockpit seems a little far forward, does this make it Swede Form (or Fish Form?). Can never get those two straight.

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