Re: Seat Placement

Posted by terry on Dec 20, 2004

Ditto what Steve says on the rudder retracting. I have two ruddered boats (I have other boats, but I rudder not discuss them). Anyhow, we've paddled over over more rocks than I have in my head, with no major rudder damage.

Retro fitting is a snap if you either have an endpour or you can install one. You may or may not have to change your foot pedals.

Both Jen and I love the rudders, not the least reason being control in winds and currents. We both have physical problems that make prolonged sweeping and leaning problematic, and the rudders minimize the need for these strokes.

And let's not forget laziness. Rudders are the ideal lazy man's accessory, having been given 5 stars in "The Lazy Man's Journal," which I haven't read in a few months. . . too lazy.

Ho Ho Ho, Santa, and if you think you're going to park that illegaly overloaded sleigh on my newly shingled roof, you best think twice, as I'll have the police waiting.

On the Holiday topic, we have lovely new neighbors (a pleasant change from the squids that lived there before them). They told us a story about a relative that would collect deer droppings and sprinkle them around the house on Christmas night to enchant the kids the next day. Neat idea, and it's not like we don't have enough deer running around here in NJ to produce the droppings.

Anyhow, Happy Holidays!


In Response to: Re: Seat Placement by Steve on Dec 19, 2004