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Posted by Dave on Dec 11, 2004

Tom, that's nice work and a beautiful boat. We sure like ours. I have done some big boat gunkholing in your area but never had the advantage of the Mill Creek. Sure envy your adventures. May I suggest some experimenting and fussing with trim, positions, and paddling technique (both solo and dual) in lieu of a rudder (we're doing fine without one). The craft seems very senistive to trim. For solo work, I move the rear seat midway between the two design positions. That improves the turning radius forward or backing) immensely. Even an inch or two of adjustment makes a difference. As to dual work, we put the shorter paddler in the forward seat and boosted her seat by an inch or so for better leverage. Moving the seats a little toward each other helped too. Ralph Diaz in his chapter on double padding in his book on folding boats was very helpful. Once one gets the hang of it the rear paddler can really move the stern around and cut that turning radius. Congratulations and best wishes. Dave

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