MillCreek16 in the water!

Posted by Tom M. (MD) on Dec 9, 2004

Well, it's finally finished! I completed the MillCreek 16.5 on the 20th of November and took it for its first voyage on the 21st. It was warm yet gloomy and foggy morning here in southern Maryland on the banks of the St. Marys River. But there was nothing going to spoil this!

It was a lot of fun. My Dad had been following my progress ever since I started (back in Oct '03) and wanted to be here to see it launch, so my parents were here to christen the boat and go for a ride. First up was myself and my 2yr. old daughter who just couldn't wait (You've seen her in previous pictures posted here). She had a blast. As soon as we pushed off, it felt a bit tipsy, but that was just my inexperience. Within a minute or so I felt totally comfortable and was off and paddling. A few minute ride then it was my Dad's turn. Then my wife's (notice my daughter hasn't left the front seat yet).

Then finally my wife and I got to go for a spin. We had it really moving out. But...that thing turns like a barge under forward motion. A rudder would definately help on this boat. My Mom and Dad went out. It took some coaxing to get my Mom in...she was a bit nervous, but once out felt fine and enjoyed it. My daughter wanted to go again so her and myself went for another spin.

After we took it out I checked the water! :) Looks like I did alright at building this piece of wood.

I like to say thanks to all of you here; I've learned many tips and methods to help me out along the way. You'll notice I added some bungie cord in front of the cockpit. I used the slot/loop method to do it. Looks very sleek; adds a nice custom touch to this boat. And the decal too.

I've been out in it a couple times since by myself. It is a real pleasure. But this boat does not like wind. Very hard to track correctly. On calm days it is effortless and a ton of fun to go exploring the river banks. I've lived on the water for a year and a half. What a different perspective to actually go out into it!

I already can't wait to build another. This time a single person (a pair of course) real kayak.

I have more finishing photos on my website. Go to the Projects link, and click on MillCreek Kayak.

Thanks again!