Re: Thule vs. Yakima

Posted by Ken Leffert on Dec 9, 2004

Mike and George, I use Thule "Set-to-go" saddles, they mount to either round or square bars. I am really impressed with the way they conform to the chines of my 17lt. The angle between the bottom of the saddle and the side of the saddle can be adjusted to one of 4 or 5 positions and held there by a thumbscrew. Seems like they designed them with hard-chined boats in mind. I use them on my round front bar (Yakima) and my sqaure rear bar (Thule Goalpost). The fit may not be not perfect, but much closer than my mako saddles. They are not as convenient to strap down as the Makos, you have to tie off to the bar. This slight inconvenience wouldn't even be noticed by most folks who haven't used Mako's, as you normally have to tie off to the bar. Many of the accessories made by both companies will work equally well on both round and flat bars. I know Yakima Mako saddles and Hully Rollers will fit both bar types.

Unless you have a vehicle with unusual mounting issues, as I do, (who in the world would have thought a full size Dodge pickup with the newest body style would be difficult to put a roof rack on?) you will not be disappointed with either brand.

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