Re: Thule vs. Yakima

Posted by mike noeske on Dec 9, 2004

On my Astro van, I had an aftermarket yakima roof rack installed. Using railrider towers, rollers in the back and mako saddles in the front. Loved the railriders, base stayed attached to the track, towers slide off, letting me remove the entire crossbar with rollers and saddles attached, goes back on with everything back in the same location, side to side and front to back. I just had the van repaired from a tree limb falling on it during one of the hurricanes and had a factory rack installed to replace the damaged yakima track. The railriders won't mount to the factory rack, went with the yakima lowrider towers. Can still remove the entire crossbar, not a easily, the entire tower comes off. And when you loosen the hardware to remove it, everything loosens up, cross bar slides from side to side. When putting it back on, nothing is automatically back in the same place. Cut some PVC pipe and used hose clamps to attach it to the cross bars, at least my side to side is back in the same place.

Also the mako saddles don't really conform to the hull of my Ches 16, it works, just not like it works on the plastic boats. Don't know if the landshark saddles would work any better.


In Response to: Thule vs. Yakima by George K on Dec 9, 2004