Re: bubbles in epoxy coat

Posted by terry on Dec 6, 2004

It may be off-gassing, caused by air in the wood. A fairly comon problem when you apply epoxy in the cooler part of the day. As the wood warms, the air in the wood escapes and forms bubbles. I've seen it in the middle of the summer, if I epoxied in the early morning. My non-botanist guess is that it's caused by the wood expanding in the warming air and squeezing out air. Not sure.

Anyhow, a way to avoid it is to epoxy bare wood after the day has warmed, like after lunch. That way, when you're done, it will be near Miller time and you can relax and admire your work.


In Response to: bubbles in epoxy coating by Gerry Albin on Dec 5, 2004



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