Deck follies

Posted by Chris on Dec 2, 2004

Ok. I kinda need some deck advice. I'd like to varnish it, but at the rate I'm going, that may not be a very attractive option.

The deck epoxy is a little thin. I found this out while sanding. I decided to clean it up and slap a little more epoxy on at the thinnest spots. Well, here is a good lesson on why to keep the pumps clean. My hardner pump was way off and I got a glassy messy coat of expoy that took forever to cure. Now I'm removing it. With a carbide scraper (which is a real dynamite tool. Go get one). I did the same thing on the final coat of epoxy for the hatch covers, but since there was already enough epox to fill the weave, when I scraped and sanded all turned out nicely.

I'm scraping and sanding the deck, which was thin to begin with. I'm in the weave at some points and others just look hideous. I'm going to keep plugging and try to get a nice uniform finish. At which point I will probably try to slap another coat of expoy on (with new pumps AND in May as I'm working in the cold in an unheat garage - no electic either).

Question: Does this sound reasonable? Will I be able to slap a successful coat of epoxy on in 6 months?

Alternatively: Send me ideas, photos, links, etc explaining/ showing cool paint jobs that I can use to cover most of the ugly stuff while still showing a little of that beautiful wood grain.

Or: if I'm rambling and hopeless... we can arrange for a viking funeral.