fiberglass tape

Posted by Jim Sinacola on Nov 30, 2004

My son and I are building two LT17's. We just finished the fillets and glass taping on the inside of the kayak. I noticed that on the tape one of the edges seemed thicker than the other and I didn't pay much attention to it when doing the bow and stern sections. In the cockpit area this bead caused a problem of the 6 oz glass to lay flat on that edge. A small gap appeared between the hull and tape. Even as the epoxy began to gel and the glass was pressed down it appeared to seperate from the hull at the tape joint where the beaded edge was. Has anyone else run into this problem? I looked at the roll of tape that has come with the second kayak and it has the same bead on the edge. Should this be cut off before applying the tape to the fillet? Pictures of our building experience are listed below if interested.

Dad and I building Wooden Kayaks