shop had some water

Posted by Charlie Jones on Nov 26, 2004

but very little - got in along the side wall, but nothing was damaged.

As far as the house is concerned, we sat under a bright moon and watched the light show north and east of us. Man did they get STOMPED. Some areas got over 20 inches of rain over a 3 day period.

Big worry now IS the rivers. Guadalupe crested and parts of Victoria are flooded. Parts of Goliad are having problems with the San Antonio River. East of here there is LOTS of water. Lavaca River is way up and the bay is gonna be pretty muddy.

Had some friends who were anchored out down by Rockport on Tuesday night (Goose Island State Park) They caught 69 knots of wind during the frontal passage that night - OUCH. They had just bought our 21 footer, Necessity, and this was their first cruise aboard her. At least they know what she'll take *grin* Glad I sold them the heavy anchors along with the boat.

Did you happen to see any shots of the two tractor trailer rigs that got washed off I - 10 up in San Antonio? HEAVY water running across the highway there.

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