Re: shop had some water

Posted by Jay E. Morris on Nov 26, 2004

Glad I wasn't aboard. It was bad enough hanging in a hammock tent at Lake Texana Saturday night. FLASH-KABOOM!

Yep, saw the pics, couldn't believe it. There's a flood control dam on the way to work that I look down on from a hill. One of those little ones they put on ranch land. Ponds usually a few hundred feet long, streched for a mile, looked like a hundred little ponds through the trees. We're the start of the SA river and it was overflowing. Went from 6 to 28 feet in two days, 200 cubic feet per second to 40000. I knew as bad as it was here it would be worse for you guys. You guys get EVERYTHING from the Guadalupe River Basin.

Video of the stranded semis is below.

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