Re: How cold can you epox

Posted by Chris on Nov 16, 2004

I took longer than expected finishing our boat, and came up with these tips for cold epoxy curing. I enclosed the area around the boat with a floor to ceiling curtain of poly, (If your rafters are unfinished, make a poly ceiling too), I put my heaters, and several flood lights below the boat, as hot air rises. It's surprising how much heat a poly tarp structure can hold in. The smaller the space, the better, (I was lazy so I just hung it from the ceiling, but you can make a frame just bigger than the boat, just be carefull when you put the tarp on that you don't knock debree onto the boat. Keep your resin and hardener in the house, When you bring it out to use, sit the resin and hardener in a large tub of hot water, and try to warm up the boat prior to starting, so the resin won't thicken as soon as it hits the cold boat. Finally, give it lots of time to cure, and check any structural joints have cured prior to releasing clamps. (fingernail should not dent it.) cj

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