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Posted by Mark Camp on Nov 17, 2004

Yeah, that type thing worked for me too. Although more often I just heated up the garage for a while unless it was real cold and I was real desparate to glue something.

I made a frame to hold up the plastic as follows.

I stapled together quick and dirty "sawhorses" out of 1.5 in. firring strips: three pieces of wood in a triangle with the bottom joined with drywall screws, the top with a laun ply triangle gusset stapled on. Join a pair of these triangles with a long strip of firring from top to top. Tack on a brace piece of firring at one or both ends with drywall screws (don't worry about cutting an angle in the brace unless you can't wait to practice free-hand mitering using your Japanese pull saw, just tack it on to the crosspiece and one leg so the thing won't fall over.)

Then unrolled plastic over it thenm as a tent, put a small thermostatically contolled space heater (Vornado) at one end. Allowed a little air leak at the other end to encourage air flow for even heating.

To prevent sagging I ran 2 or 3 stringers over the "sawhorse" shaped thingys before unrolling the plastic. I used fiberglass painter's extension poles. Butt joined firring strips would work too.

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