Re: Bulkhead radius good

Posted by LeeG on Oct 28, 2004

why not stick with the lighter/thinner sheerclamp and use ducttape/straps to attach the deck? The only reason for 3/4" wide sheerclamps is to allow room for the ring nails angling in at the deck beam and putting in the #10bronze screws for deck rigging/hatch hardware. The Arctic Hawk has a a sheerclamp that's 3/8" wide(two layers of 4mm). With thinner sheerclamps you could get a better curve with entry angles closer to designed and less defined by the tension in the sheerclamps.

Thick or thin sheerclamps have no bearing on a decks ability to handle rescues where 250lb paddlers are crawling on aft decks or kayaks are dragged/flipped over coamings,,or deck walking.

A 160lb person walking over specific areas of substantial strength is different than what happens when a 225lb paddler tosses a kayak around in a rescue.

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