Re: Bulkhead radius good

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Oct 28, 2004

I've had some success using 1/2x3/4" white pine stock for the clamps. Lighter stock to start with, and requires a bit less planing into the side panels to get the deck curve correct. A bit trickier to nail, so I measure carefully and use a size smaller (3/4") ring nail (15 gauge? I can't remember). Occassionaly a nail will pop through the clamp - usually easy enough to snip off and grind down with the Dremel. Probably saves a pound or more using the thinner stock and smaller nails, and the panels are a bit easier to work with during stitch-up.

My next deck will use the left-over 3/4" by 3" rock maple flooring in the shop loft. Very heavy, but very durable and it will match the kitchen floor. It can be refinished with a big floor sander and I can walk all over it like John Harris does on the show demo boats. :)

Go Red Sox!


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