System 3/SiverTip premix

Posted by Robert Miller on Oct 24, 2004

I am helping my teenage son to build a Skerry. System Three is advertising SiverTip epoxies that have measured thickeners premixed. One simply mixes the resin/thickener mixture and hardener and use. Presumably, no additional fillers are needed.

These are: SilverTip GelMagic, which I believe is spec. down to use at 35 degrees F. Very helpful here in the New England. I believe this is meant to be a substitute for adding Cabo-Sil to make mustard mix for joints and laps.

The second is: SilverTip EZ-Fillet. Which I believe is pre-mixed with wood filler and is meant to serve as peanut butter mix for filleting.

Is the use of either of these approved or recommended by CLC? What is the official word on these products?

I would appreciate the opinions, experiences, and recommendations of both CLC, and any builders who have experience with these products.

Thank you for any thoughts and comments.

Robert Miller