Re: stretched MC13

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Oct 22, 2004

I change widths the laziest way I can think of, which usually means just cutting the sheer panels an inch or so longer at both ends(for a wider boat) or shorter (for a narrower boat. I trim them to length after I stitch up the hull. This saves some tricky measuring and calculating and seems to get the sheer panels close enough to the right dimensions. You may see a gap or tightness toward the boat ends as the bottom panels turn near vertical. There's usually a bit of a curve engineered there, and it may not match up perfectly with the altered bottom panels. This would be more problematic if you're making radical changes, like adding/subtracting several inches of width or several feet of length.

If you stitch up the bottom panels, then loosly stitch the sheers, you should be able to see if you're close enough to glue it. If you're short on okume, use luan to get the fit right then trace it on the okume.

I'm sure some folks will discourage these kinds of changes. I happen to enjoy experimentation, puzzling at mistakes and marveling at successes.


In Response to: Re: stretched MC13 by Randy Knauff on Oct 22, 2004