Re: stretched MC13

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Oct 22, 2004

Nope, I wrote that post too early in the morning after the baseball game to be lucid.

To change bottom panel widths, I start at the midships station and add the desired width to each panel, keeping in mind that, since the bottom is not flat, adding Ż" to each panel will not make the boat a full 1" wider. Then I count the stations fore and aft of midship (say 10 on each end, for example) and divide the 1/2" by this number. This measurement is subtracted from the 1/2" in series to increase the width at each station as you progress to the ends from midships. Sounds simple and it is. May not be fine naval architecture, but it seems to work.

Now another guy has asked me about adding 3 feet to a boat, making it narrower and increasing flare. This, my friend, is a complicated request that, me thinks, he needs some software to pull off.


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