Re: oops

Posted by Ken Leffert on Oct 13, 2004

What Lee is talking about is a whole lot fancier (and a whole lot better) version than I use, but I'm going to try a couple of photos for clarification. You'll notice that my pump isn't tethered in the photos, he's absolutely right that it should be! These work so well that you will never even notice the pump being there, but it'll be there when you need it! I've used 4 short pieces of nylon webbing that are glued to the bottom of the deck (after the deck is sanded) with cab-o-sil thickened epoxy, then I made holes in each of the free ends of the four tabs to accomodate two short pieces of stretch cord, tied knots in the ends of the stretch cord after pulling it through the nylon webbing.

In Response to: oops by LeeG on Oct 13, 2004