Posted by LeeG on Oct 13, 2004

I should write manuals with that kind of goof.

Cut 4 pieces of webbing so that when they are folded over with 1" overlap there's enough of a loop to pass a bungie through. Hang the kayak upside down so it's easy to stand and look at the underside of the foredeck from the inside. I found red bricks are useful for holding the curing tabs down. Mark off four places that the folded webbing will go. I found something like 8"x12" or so spacing is useful for holding a pump or small dry box. SAND the underside in those marked spots with 60-80 grit, dip ends of webbing in cabosil thickend epoxy. Not too much that it'll drip into the middle of the loop. Place something in the middle of those four spots to keep the weighted tabs from sliding to the middle. Something covered in tape or plastic. Place a gooped folded piece of webbing down on the sanded spot then put a tape covered brick/weight on it with the loop bent up against the block in the middle. That will keep the tab from getting glued all the way down or glue getting into the middle of the tab. Walk away untill everything is cured. Lace bungie between four tabs. You can also use the forward edge of the deck beam to place a short length of bungie on electrical clips and move the four tabs further forward. With the hand pump on a 18" bungie and clip you can have the pump available all the time,,removable if you need to toss it to someone or droppable without losing it. One of the most common things that happen in rescue practice AND real rescues is getting distracted by unneccessary objects floating away with the necessary objects.

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