Re: Gloves vs Pogies

Posted by Mac on Oct 11, 2004

Thank's so much to all of you! I think I'll start with the cycling gloves (Tom) and move to pogies if I can still stand to be on the colder water later on. I'll follow Lee's advice and get my hands wet as I head for the put-in to see how much heat retention they provide.

Happy harbour paddlin' Terry.

Still on night shift Robert?

And "Hey" to Phrogman! Good to hear from you and thank's for the input!

Just brought the yak down from our little lake to try her on the mighty St. Laurence. Now I've got to rig her all legal (including me with PFD, Whistle, Light, Throw Line, Pump, Paddle float etc. etc.

Well, so much for those nice clean lines...

Best to all...

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