Re: Gloves vs Pogies

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Oct 8, 2004

I'll be using pogies for the first time this year after three years of using gloves for winter paddling. The gloves are good, I use Gill full neos with curved fingers. Problem is, once I stop paddling they get cold. I'm going to see if the pogies are warmer. The pogies shouldn't interfere with a feathered paddle at all since you are still gripping the loom with both hands which are covered by the pogies. I'll be sure to let yo know how they work. I figure I'm still a month away from really needing them but I'll try them out while its still kinda warm. My b-day is coming up and pogies is all I have asked for.

Robert N Pruden

In Response to: Gloves vs Pogies by Mac on Oct 7, 2004