also- make sure that

Posted by Charlie Jones on Oct 9, 2004

you have a nice flat surface under that feather edge that you can plane into a tiny bit without hurting your plane edge. As long as the lower surface of the ply is held tight against that table surface you'll have MUCH less tearout. Plus when you get really close, reset your plane (or get another) to a very fine shaving and work the final couple of strokes that way, cutting the very edge with the grain. Personally I do the very last little bit with a redwood float normally used for concrete work. I have one that is trimmed to just the size of a piece of sandpaper and I wrap the paper around it. Gives a very flat finish to the scarfed surfaces. I can shoot you a pic of it today at the shop and post it this evening.

And if it DOES tear out, it's really no big deal. If it's a HUGE tearout, slide the ply forward a half inch and recut it. No biggie.

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